“Practical Guidelines on Fluid Therapy”
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  Basics of
IV Fluids
  Electrolyte &
Acid base Disorders
  Fluid Therapy in
Medical Disorders
  Fluid Therapy
in Surgical Patients
  Fluid Therapy
in Children

About The Book


This handy compact user-friendly book is aimed to provide easy to use, up-to-date practical guidelines about fluid, electrolyte and acid base disorders to all students, physicians, intensivist, anesthetists, pediatricians, surgeons and all clinicians.

This complete monogram will provide practical and easy approach to fluid, electrolytes and acid base disorders with ready to use guidelines for its management.

Instead of complex confusing discussion of pathophysiology, this book will provide you basic understanding of fluid electrolyte and acid base disturbances in different common clinical problems in simple and easy language.

To provide clear, quick and ready to use practical guidelines disorders in medical, surgical and pediatric patients are discussed separately.

Special chapter on intravenous preparations will help to understand composition of fluids and on its bases correct selection of fluid for given patient. Special chapter on parenteral nutrition provides basic understanding of nutritional requirements, PN in specific problems faced in day to day practice and practical tips for its administration. This is the first and only book which provides ready to use simple guidelines for actual selection of PN preparations commercially available in market for given patient.

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